Economic Strength

Texas is good for the bottom line.

Between a competitive economic standing to its quality of life for your employees, Texas is full of bold opportunities. What is it about the state and our communities that makes it stand out? A lot -- but we’ve narrowed it to a few key points.

Texas is a leader in the global economy. Texas has a big and diverse economic standing -- in fact, it’s the 10th largest in the world based on GDP.

Texas is a home for a deep workforce powering productivity. In fact, 13 million Texans contribute to the second largest civilian workforce in the United States, supported by high-ranking universities, colleges, vocational training programs, and K-12 schools that fuel a strong talent pipeline for the state’s workforce.

Texas is an exporting champion. For 16 consecutive years, Texas has reigned as the nation’s top exporter, exporting $264 billion in products in 2017, with Brazil, Canada, China and Korea among the state’s top trading partners.

Texas is also a friend to companies large and small. Our powerful economy is sustained by 48 Fortune 500 companies and is home to 2.4 million small businesses.