We’re movers and shakers here.

Texas and our communities have a prime central location in the U.S. and an advanced transportation network providing convenient access to both domestic and global markets. As a result, the state has claimed the top spot for exports for 16 consecutive years; the Lone Star State exported $264 billion in products in 2017 alone.

Come fly with us.

Texas boasts one of the largest state airport systems in the nation, with 382 airports, including 26 commercial airports. The state is also home to two of the largest airlines in the world, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

Dallas-Fort Worth International and George Bush Intercontinental in Houston are two of the largest airports in Texas and are also major domestic and international hubs. Additionally, Fort Worth's Alliance Airport and Port San Antonio incorporate high-capacity industrial airports, Class I rail terminals and direct interstate highway access.

Our large airports are complemented by the many local and regional airports serving their nearby communities and providing quick access to more rural locations for private flyers.

We make waves.

Texas communities are home to 16 seaports, including 11 deep water ports, and ranks as the top in the nation for manufacturing exports and shipment value. Of all of these ports, 32 are designated as foreign trade zones (FTZ), allowing for easy trade without most restrictions.

Several of Texas’ ports rank in the top ten in the United States, including The Port of Corpus Christi, the Port of Brownsville and the Port of Port Arthur. The Port of Houston is the largest Gulf Coast container port, leading the nation for 19 years in waterborne foreign trade.

Feel Grounded.

Texas exceeds every other state with more than 313,220 miles of public roads and 10,539 miles of freight rail in our communities. Transportation funding at the state level has now increased to upwards of $4.5 billion each year as a result of priorities set by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, which provides important support to the major infrastructure investments made by the local communities each year.