Our Team

About Team Texas

Founded in 1986, Team Texas is the member-based state business attraction program through Texas Economic Development Council, the professional association for Texas economic developers. Our mission is to create opportunities for job creation, increased investment, and economic diversification as a team of future-focused and collaborative Texas communities and partners. Our vision is for Texas’ continued economic strength and promotion of Texas as the best state for a myriad of industries to the benefit of the residents and employers in our communities.

Team Texas operates with six core values at its foundation:

  • Team – We work as one team to promote Texas.
  • Hospitality – We are ambassadors of Texas’ hospitable reputation.
  • Excellence – We are committed to operating at a high level of professionalism.
  • Accountability – We are good stewards of the investments made by our members.
  • Communication – We communicate in a comprehensive and timely manner.
  • Customer Service – We prioritize world-class customer service for our members.

Contact Team Texas for questions about relocating or expanding into any of our communities.